Proofreading Your Documents

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About you and your document

You could be:

  • You have no time to conduct proofreading of your document. You need to put your time and energy into the next project or assignment. 
  • Confident about the content of the document and how you’ve expressed and presented it, but spelling and grammar were never ‘your thing’. In fact, thinking about grammar, word usage, spelling and formatting just stifles your writing and prolongs the process so it’s more efficient to leave the proofreading to an editor.
  • Someone who is not fluent in written English. You know there are nuances to word usage that you might not know yet, and you’d like an experienced, English-language editor to review your documents before you publish or present them. 

Your document:

  • You (and perhaps other people) have researched / captured all the ideas and necessary information.
  • You have written a quality document in a style and format that suits the target audience and fulfills all requirements (yours and the target audience’s).
  • The ideas flow logically and the content is well-organized.
  • The language is suitable for the target audience.
  • You are confident that the document will fulfill its intended purpose(s) and that you will get the right results – the whole point of having written the document in the first place.  

Proofreading is:

  • The process of scrutinizing every line of text in a document to find and correct errors in grammar, word usage, spelling, formatting, and typography. It can include checking a document for compliance with a particular published style guide (such as APA or Chicago), or your company’s own style guide
  • For documents written by confident, experienced writers – documents that are almost ready for publishing, presentation, or distribution
  • For documents that have been edited for content already, perhaps by multiple authors in your company 
  • The most economical type of editing
  • Great when you need a fresh set of critical eyes to do the final proofing to ensure that the document is perfect before you publish or present it. 

What you will receive from us

  • Two copies of your document: one will be a clean (finished) copy, while the other will contain the tracked changes (for Word documents) or it will contain ‘sticky notes’ (for .pdf documents), which serve to identify our suggested edits. You can accept or reject them as you prefer.  



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